masato araragi (Painter)


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Masato Araragi was born in February 1976 and is from Gunma prefecture
When I was a child, my grandfather was a painter, so there was a picture in my daily life. I am surrounded by nature, I am interested in the forest, the sky, the moon and the stars, and I spend it in a rural town. After graduating from high school, while working in Tokyo living and starting to chaos Continue to live with suffering, pleasure, sorrow. November 1 - November 30, 1999 1 card per day on a postcard Draw a picture and hold it March March - 1 month I go to a single New York and sell it while drawing a picture on the street. Currently returning to the local, drawing a picture of the planet Energy, light, color that I felt with instinct by looking at people I draw it with inspiration. Everyday, in a stressful life It would be great if someone could see the painting and be healed.