Masako Nishio was born in Kyoto in 1957.
She began drawing pictures in the wake of having lost her beloved daughter in 2011. By drawing, Masako could face the inner part of her heart, and eventually found herself healing. Masako’s paintings are fantasies. Many creatures, gods, angels, UFOs, and other such wondrous and delightful things appear in them, and the canvas is always very lively and fun. Her paintings are like scenes from folk tales, and they have a strong narrative character. Many of her works are based on Japanese myths, such as The Hare of Inaba, and the Legend of  Yamata no Orochi – an eight-headed, eight-tailed giant serpent. Vivid colors are a source of energy in her paintings, made with acrylics. The color schemes are unique, envisioned by Masako to harmonize the images. Masako is thinking of the miracles and the happiness that are born on this Earth, and she wants to convey them to the people of the world.

1957年京都に生まれる 2011年愛娘を亡くした事をきっかけに絵を描き始める ただひたすら描くことで心の内面と向き合いやがては自身が癒されていることに気づく 描く絵は空想画でたくさんの生き物や神様や天使、UFO等が登場しキャンバスの中は大変賑やかで楽しいものとなっている 物語性が強く昔話の一場面のようでもある。 私達がこの地球に生まれた奇跡と幸せを世界の人々に発信したいと考えている。 画材はアクリル絵具を使用。 鮮やかな色彩は元気の源であり その配色は絵を融合させる為に考えた独特のものである。 また、因幡の白兎やヤマタノオロチなど日本の神話を元にした作品も多数ある。