Makiko Kano  ( Painter )


Makiko Kano is a painter belonging to the Toyota Art Federation. Born in Japan in 1985, she loves drawing from her childhood. Her sensibility was enriched by the influence of her hometown nature. She creates her picture with that sensitivity.

She started her career as a painter from 19 years old. She has participated in various group exhibitions such as the Kohdo Exhibition and the Toyota Art Federation Exhibition since 2006. 

She has won many awards including  the Encouragement Prize at the 73rd Kohdo Exhibition that was held in The National Art Center,Tokyo in 2018.  She was also selected and exhibited at the 50th Kohdo-bijutu Newcomer Selection Exhibition that was held in Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

The theme of her painting is "always smile".
She uses acrylic paint and texture gel.

Her motifs are sunflowers and humans. She uses them to paint the scenes that come to mind.She expresses herself and the wall of others with sunflowers and people, and expresses "hope" in it.

Recently, "energy that humans try to move forward" is also expressed on the screen.
She considers materials to be important, and the irregularities of the screen are also a feature of her art.She is trying to make the colors more complex and create accidental colors.

豊田美術連盟所属の画家、加納真規子は、1985年、日本に生まれた。幼少期から絵を描く事が 好きで故郷の自然が感性を豊かにし、その感性で絵を描いている。19才から画家として活動を始めた。主な活動は、行動展と豊田美術連盟を中心としたグループ展。2018年、第73回行動展(国立新美術館)奨励賞受賞。同年、第50回行動美術新人選抜展(東京都美術館)推挙された。 他受賞多数。 私の絵のテーマは「いつも笑顔で」。 アクリル絵の具とメディウムを使い、ヒマワリと人間をモチーフに心に浮かんだ光景を描いて いる。自分と他人の世界の壁をヒマワリや人として描き、その向こう側に「希望」が見える表 現をしている。近年は「人間が前進するエネルギー」も画面に表われるようになった。 絵肌を重視していて、画面に凹凸があるのも私の絵の特徴である。 色に複雑さや偶然性が現れるよう、工夫している。