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Maiko Mukai (illustrator)


English | Japanese

Maiko Mukai was born in Toyama Prefecture, and spent her youth in natural surroundings. She enjoyed playing outdoors, catching bugs with her friends, exploring and running around. She also enjoyed drawing pictures and making things, often losing track of the time of day in her enjoyment. She did not enter any art colleges, instead extending herself by doodling and always with a ball-point pen, which became her current style. 

Drawing pictures has become a daily activity and something akin to special time for Maiko. She draws when she smells the flowers blooming in her garden, or when she finished making sweets, or after looking at the beatiful setting sun on the road she heads home on. Her work looks very similar to the happiness and enjoyment she derives from those activities. She creates her drawings, which change subtly like the growth of plants or the seasons, with daily excitement and fun.