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Mai Hashimoto  (illustrator)


English | Japanese

 ‘I am always hungry to feel and express woman's beauty.’

Mai Hashimoto was born in 1982. When she was eleven years old, she opened the pages of a fashion magazine for the first time. By then, she had a growing enthusiasm for fashion, but upon her encounter with that magazine, she lost her breath at the world-famous high fashion brand ads' dramatic energy and the beauty of the models in it.

The colors of skin, eyes, and hair; the shapes of eyes, noses, and lips—

She was enrapt by every model's unique features.

Since then, she did not draw sceneries or still lifes; she drew women constantly—she was able to find a sense of wholeness in her feelings through drawing women who were full of confidence.

Twenty-five years passed since she first knew the beauty of women. And now she has determined to open up her drawers of imagery for many people to see.

'It would be a shame to lock up women so beautiful any longer.'

She decided to send her women out with her confidence into the world.