Kusama Kano (illustrator)


English | Japanese

Kano Kusama has been drawing since her childhood.Her favorite things to do were playing in her own fantasy world and drawing pictures.She earnestly drew pictures of butterflies and loved to paint in princess coloring books.She draws girls, influenced by Japanese comics and anime.While attending Kyoto Seika University, she studied oil painting.Her works often feature pale, flat, two-dimensional people and flowers, inspired by ukiyo-e. She is influenced by the illustrations of Uno Akira.In Uno’s paintings, there is a charm, glamour, and fascination in the girls’ eyes.She draws girls before they reach adulthood, much like caterpillars that grow into butterflies who do not realize their own beauty.She paints flowers surrounding the girls to express a richness of emotion, spirit, energy, and vitality, with bright and gorgeous colors of praise translated into life.Kusama’s work represents her positive message to life.