Kumahigetaro  (Painter)


English | Japanese

kumahigetaro was born in 1975, grown up with his parents running a folksy furniture shop. They sell not only furniture but also many kinds of folk paintings, folk sculptures, antiques, and primitive artworks all over the world. His deep curiosity toward the fantastic world has been steadily founded in his younger days.

His unique imagination was fostered furthermore in undergraduate because he studied the mythology and the primitive culture in university. The wide-range knowledge of them that he got now becomes a source of his creativity.

He has never been to any art university, has only attended the short time art lecture, so he is a virtually self-taught artist. After he has started drawing since 2015, he developed his original method with oil pastels and acrylics by himself, and it makes his innermost   imaginary world more directly expressed

Living in Japanese ancient capital Kyoto over 20 years, he also has been influenced by many Japanese premodern artists, especially Tawaraya Sotatsu and Ito Jyakuchu. Their paintings are full of exotic colors, and kumahigetaro aims to combine the exotic colors of Japanese premodern art and the unique figures of the primitive art.

He usually draws the fairies with eyes in his paintings. They are symbols of his inner imaginary world, and the transcend beings between the visible and the invisible. Through painting, he reimages the boundary between the real and the unreal. 

Instagram @kumahigetaro