Koji Hanada was born in Osaka in 1984. He is unique in his painting in that his only tool for painting is “Paint”, one of the standard built-in applications of Microsoft Windows. He came across with “Paint” in his early junior high-school days when he was forced to drop out of school due to bullying. Since then, as if possessed by pleasure of creating colors, he paints only with “Paint”, even if it requires a lot of time and patience to do so.

He seems to be a born poet singing not in words but with colors. Whenever he feels something of warmth, compassion and sorrow, he paints it immediately with “Paint”. When his beloved grandfather passed away, he sang his deep feelings and longing for the deceased by a picture “I want to see you again!”, a picture of a huge nebula swirling in the deep night sky. This work won the New Face Special Award at the 114th Taiheiyo Art Exhibition in Kansai at Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts, Osaka in 2018.

Since 2009, his works have been exhibited on various exhibitions, public and private. In 2018, in addition to the said exhibition in Osaka, his works were qualified for exhibition at The 22nd Exposition d'Artis Contenporains Franco-Japonais at The National Art Center, Tokyo, Vibrant Contemporary Art Exhibition at Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, and The 114th Taiheiyo Art Exhibition at The National Art Center, Tokyo.

花田浩士は1984年に大阪に生まれた。彼のユニークな点はMicrosoft Windows 標準装備の “Paint” でしか描かないことである。“Paint”との出会いは中学に入ってまもなく虐めにあいそれが原因で退学した頃のことである。彼はそれ以来 “Paint”で様々な色を創り出す喜びにあたかもとり憑かれたかのように、たとえ “Paint” で描くと忍耐や時間がはるかにかかろうとも “Paint” でのみ描き続けてきている。 彼は言葉ではなくて色彩で歌を歌う生まれつきの詩人のようなところがある。暖かい心や思いやり、あるいは悲しみなどを感じると浩士はすぐに “Paint” で絵を描く。彼を大事にしてくれた祖父が亡くなったときは、故人への追慕から「もう一度会いたい!」をすぐに描いた。深い夜空に激しく渦巻く星雲の絵である。この絵で彼は2018年の「第114回太平洋関西展」(於:大阪市立美術館、大阪)で特別新人賞を受賞した。 彼の作品は2009年から大小の展示会に展示されてきたが、2018年にはその作品を評価されて前述の「太平洋関西展」の他に、「日仏現代美術展」(於:国立新美術館、東京)、「躍動する現代作家展」(於:アジア美術館、福岡)、「太平洋展」(国立新美術館、東京)に展示された。