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KENJI IWASAKI is a nonconformist.
There was no one who likes art in his family, he is a self-taught artist and was painting alone from early childhood. After 3/11 (Great East Japan earthquake), he asked himself, "What is life and death?", he said, "People are enjoying their life at the fullest even during difficult time and produce in this process a lot of art pieces." The art of Ukiyo-e during Edo period was a reflection of these difficult times, which was a very popular theme. His unique style of projecting his Japanese art on European and American pop-culture consist of using Japanese traditional art Ukiyo-e to tie people of different nationalities all over the world together, and their 'understanding of diversity' and 'mutual cooperation'. This is the message that KENJI wants to transmit through his art. His art on European and American pop-culture is highly popular outside Japan, and at the Japanese art show 2018 held at the Espacio gallery in London in 2018, he won a bronze prize in original picture distribution and audience voting. 

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