KEIKO  (Mixed Media)


English | Japanese

KEIKO was born in Ehime Prefecture and grew up in Kyoto. She painted pictures from elementary school until her second year in high school. However, from that time, her parents forbade her from painting. This resulted in her inability to paint since then. KEIKO studied home economics at university. Yet she often visited art museums.Her husband was a polymer chemist. He developed a new synthetic resin. KEIKO heated this resin to dissolve and mix with crayons and oil paints. She found it could be used as a painting material. She named it Resin Art Painting. This painting material features a three-dimensional feeling and an air of transparency. It also contains no volatile solvents and is less odorous. It needs no drying time and does not become dirty while painting.Since 2012, KEIKO has won more than 30 entries to public exhibitions in both Japan and overseas. She was awarded the Salon d’Automne in 2015. Her continual desire is to express a free world.