Sakura Katada (Painter)


English | Japanese

Sakura was born in Niigata in 1995. When she was a child, she liked to draw and, if there were any pens and paper around, she would soon be scribbling on them. She went to high school and university and she felt gradually like that world was inflexible. In Japan, it is a happy stereotype of life to get a job after school, get married, and have children. But is it really the truth? She thinks that everyone struggles to maintain their own identity andstay true to themselves. They have questions about who they really are and are afraid of leaving comfortable habits. Men should be strong. Women should try to be beautiful. Adults don’t watch anime. You should fall in love with the opposite sex. Life will be lonely if you don’t get married. You should have children for your parents. You should try hard because everyone does. It is not realistic for adults to chase dreams. We are bound by “common sense”. Money can’t go against to this “common sense”. Art can do it. Sakura believes it is good that everyone thinks and finds their own happiness on their own. So she paints pictures.
  Pictures which Sakura paints are a little bit gloomy. People are living with fear. They lock fear somewhere in an invisible and damp place, it is built up there and gradually erodes the heart. Sakura takes the fear to the light place and decorates it in beauty and humor. Dance with the fear and prepare for living with it.  Only then you can live your life.