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The lights. It makes visible shadows, colors, plants, living things, humans,cultures and almost all of the things. The prosperity has granted under the
influence of the lights.

I chase the shadows. Wherever possible even if it’s far away I’m willing to catch a scenery I have never seen before. Shadows which above the sunlight appear such formed artificially as an entirely straight line and a perfect curve that appear with a cause of human works. Nowadays, it is hard to find a scene that was composed without artificial elements.

I was born and raised in Japan. We have developed on coexistence with nature things from the ancient times, respect for trees, foods, even in
products we find out something sacred things inside still on today. Japan is located on the way of a typhoon and crossing continental plates of the earth.
Sometimes we are forced to face a natural disaster. Therefore, ancestors supposed that typhoon, earthquake, volcanic activity such as catastrophes
were divine punishments.
In these days, a superstitious conception is getting disappear and is replaced by science and technology. However, it still exists something unexplainable
faith in our mind, and we are taking it over continuously to next generations. According to the story, I focus on a moment that collaborated between
nature and human’s works.

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