Kaoru Miyachi  (Photographer)


English | Japanese

 Photographer / 1990 Born in Osaka and raised in Aichi prefecture. Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.
BA in Photography at Tokyo Polytechnic University. After working in studio as an assistant, she started her career as an independent photographer.

Recent Exhibitions: "Anchor" 2017-2018, ØL by OSLO BREWING CO., Tokyo, "Guiding Star" 2015, Calo, Osaka.
Editorial work: No one is an island ('10), Warm Lights ('13), Becoming Yellow ('14), Hello Journal ('16).
From "No one is an island", she visited her host family who have taken care of her for a year when she was 16, and looks back the fact that human beings do not thrive when isolated from others. Trough making "warm Lights ", She keeps capturing her grand mother's lives for 2 years, and showing her stalwart heart. And "Becoming yellow" try to recall memory, trough taking

her grand parents's clothes. For her lifework, to looking the answer for her main theme of lives "How to aging gracefully",
interviewing to persons who she meets during her life, and captures them and makes ZINEs with articles.