Kaori Tsuji (Calligrapher)


English | Japanese

Kaori Tsuji was born in 1982, and raised in Kitami City, Hokkaido, Japan, an area noted for its vast open spaces, blessed with clear skies, rich greenery, pristine clean river and colorful flowers.

She has been reciting melodic Chinese poetry under the tutelage of her father, a civil servant, since childhood.  She started poetry from just 4 years old.  She recited poetic scores that imagined emotion and scenery, while chanting through songs she herself penned.  This affected her writings and words which incorporated feelings that possess the heart of language itself, thus beginning to remember senses which are forever recorded to people’s memory.

One of the things she enjoyed around this time was feeling serenity in nature and drawing flower art thanks to her mother, who enjoyed flowers, kimonos and gardening, having this tranquility as well as art books always around her from her youth in her daily life.

She studied law in Sapporo University after graduating high school, then dived fully into design studies, and began working as a graphic designer from age 23.  She worked in a bridal company, the Sheraton Hotel and an advertising agency, among other places, then she became a freelancer in 2016, and moved to Tokyo.

Tokyo became the center of her activities, where the experience of meeting many other people she had never encountered before led to connecting her feelings towards the importance of people, that could not be conveyed in regular conversation, to the heart and emotions, which she wanted to express on a single sheet of paper of appreciation through her works.  These feelings encountered calligraphy art where emotions as they are felt in the heart on any given day of living are freely expressed.

As the cherry, or the plum, or the peach, or the Japanese plum bloom uniquely beautiful flowers, she wants to be as she is, and for her works to bloom as uniquely beautiful flowers.

Kaoru Tsuji is currently creating works that fuse calligraphic art that conveys the heart with beautiful scenery and ink art.  She is working as a design calligrapher and graphic designer, but also as a designer of Shirokemu goods made from wood (with the cherry, plum, peach, Japanese plum themes).

Website https://www.tsuji-kaori.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tsujikaori00/