Kanichi Fujiwara (Photographer)


English | Japanese

Once a boy full of curiosity who traveled around Japan, his native land, by bicycle, crossed the ocean at the age of 25 to see the world with a small motorcycle across the Sahara Desert, Arctic Circle, the jungles in Africa, and mountains in the Andes, Kanichi Fujiwara eventually became a professional traveler. 94 countries, 4,000 days on the road, beyond the borders and the seas, his freed emotion gave him a different point of view of how to witness common scenes that we daily take for granted. Fujiwara then began photographing cracks on walls or roads, moss and rust, perceiving them as beautiful art the Earth itself created. He also focused on local parks and forests, the surface of rivers, and the colors and scenes they reveal. He began to photograph them with his smartphone. Through these activities, he realized that true art is beyond human control,in the hands of nature and coincidence. With no set ideas as a frame of reference, Fujiwara’s photos often appear like paintings, no border between reality and abstract, the world of inclusion. Experience the freedom afforded in his art pieces.