Jun Kawashima (Painter)


English | Japanese

Jun kawashima was born in 1981 in Fussa city,Tokyo. For a long time American culture and Japanese culture are intertwined in this town. It had attracted a lot of artist. He spent his childhood in rented house which is used for US military dependents, and also many artist lived there. Creativity of the town he lived are the origin of his identity. His aunt was a designer,so she had positive influences on him,he was longing to live as an artist and he began to draw pictures. He was shocked and encouraged by the painting of Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat. He also love the cardboard art of Katsuhiko hibino. He played with Mini4WD and Plastic model of Gundam.He loves to collect varieties of Japanese toy until today. He enjoyed drawing pictures that awakens the readers good old days by using cardboard and packing papers he's been used to from childhood. He expresses himself, his feeling in drawings he'll rather choose to draw to explain then to use words. His personalities is portrayed in his arts.He doesn't hold back when drawing.His art sometimes reveals his mood and emotional state of mind.Sometimes he becomes one of his drawing's characters. He conducts countless workshops with his family in the name(Kawashimake Kaiga Kurabu). He teaches the joy of making and drawing arts.To him art is full of possibilities.