JAPANISM 2 is being presented by the Japan Contemporary Artist Team (JCAT) to introduce many talented Japanese artists from around the world to a global audience, as a part of JCAT’s ongoing mission to support artists worldwide. This exhibition is a continuation of JAPANISM held in January of this year. Artistic works limited to 12” x 12” size will be on display, expressing Japanese culture through the subjective views of the individual artists, and reflecting the main exhibition theme of the Japanese minimalist approach. JCAT humbly presents this exhibition to highlight the community of Japanese culture across the globe in advance of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. JCAT has gathered together Japan’s emerging artists to express their identity through art.



JCAT is a unique, creative team based in New York. Our mission is to represent talented Japanese artists from around the world and to assist these artists on the path to successful careers. We scout talented artists of all disciplines, spread the word about their talent through our online database and through yearly exhibitions, and open doors of opportunity so each of our artists can pursue their passion and make a living by their talent. We believe that every artist deserves to create a career from what they love to do, and JCAT is here to make that a reality.