Jakurin  (calligrapher)


English | Japanese

Jakurin was born in a small town, surrounded by the sea and mountains in Fukui, where the rich presence of nature influenced her life and artistic talent. She has enjoyed writing calligraphy since childhood, often doing original designs and experimentation. While learning traditional Chinese calligraphy, she was influenced by the writing style of HUANG TINGJIAN of the Song Dynasty, and created original works in this style. Her calligraphy is usually written in a dynamic style with sumi ink on oversized washi. Strong strokes and the precision and clarity of the character and it’s meaning are her trademark style. In 2018, she won a prize at the 19th Japan French Contemporary Art World Exhibition in the National Art Center, sponsored by Salon d'Automne.

At one time, at the request of an acquaintance, she made a one-shot calligraphy display at a party. When she displayed Chinese characters with sumi ink on a washi 2 meters square with the performance of Japanese drums, the cheers were massive. Her powerful performance impressed the audience, and some people were even moved to tears. At that time, she came to believe that calligraphy would impress the need for a warm society upon others. As a result, she has performed calligraphy displays in various Japanese shrines, temples, and beaches, as well as overseas in Hawaii and Paris. Jakurin hopes to be one who can share hope and excitement with people, as well as build a peaceful world through her art.

website https://m.facebook.com/jakurinyukari.mastercalligrapherhawaii
Instagram @jakurin_yukari