Iwillill (illustrator)


English | Japanese


Born in Saitama Prefecture in May 1991.
He was interested in painting under the influence of his sister since childhood and he spent painting as long as he had free time.He used to put his favorite anime, cartoon characters and the floating in his mind into a notebook or desk with his pencil.From his childhood, he wanna be illustrator. Whenever he paints whatever, he follows her's paintings. His goal is her's.He went to college but dropped out in 2years.
Then He began to lack sincerity. He scribbled graffiti even if painted.One day he was surprised to see 'jb style' MouseArtLive on youtube.
Taking this as a trigger, he seriously paints and starts to be active as an illustrator.
At first he painted with COPIC or Ink, but now mainly with the digital. His painting changes touch by work.
It's very important for his to gain the inspiration at that time
and He put this image in his mind into somewhere should be expressed.
From now, he runs the pen innocently.