ironeiro  (illustrator)


English | Japanese

 ironeiro is a pair of artists based in Tokyo, Japan.
yuuki draws black-and-white illustrations with fine point pens, and miho colors them with watercolors.

Both of them started to draw and publish their works on Instagram in 2016, and they had known each other for two years only on social media.
However, in May 2018 they met at an art festival in Yokohama for the first time, and became friends instantly.
They then started to draw together since they found that their worldview and way of thinking were pretty similar.
The main theme for their art is fantasy with animals, fishes, trees, flowers, plants, and universe - all things in nature.
Besides that, they also found that they are spiritually connected too.
They trust their intuitions, and inspirations when they create things.

In October 2018, they named themselves “ironeiro” which means “timbre of color”, and officially started to work together as a team.
Now they are looking to enter new fields which only they can develop.
They also design, and produce original products such as postcards or notebooks, as well as create new artworks.

ironeiro’s mission is to heal the world and make you smile.
They are super passionate to pursue this goal now.

Instagram @ironeiro9
Twitter @ironeiro1