Haruko Fujita (illustrator)


English | Japanese

“Creation can be eternity, and destruction is so simple. But imagination will gently cover the world.” She thinks about to herself. Haruko Fujita's arts will ease the people because her most important subject is caring about human relationships.

   Haruko was born and raised in a farming family that has lasted since the Edo period.Her mother was an amateur artist, who had lots of art books for her to study. Haruko watched and followed her mother to museuems often. The art environment was always close to her. At age 11, Haruko experienced a terrible tragic accident when a large wall clock fell on top of her head. And her neck bone and spine were broken with severe damages to the body. She then had to face long treatment period of about 20 years. Haruko respects and dreamt of Osamu Tezuka drawer of “THE ATOM BOY” and later her goal was to become a comic artist. With strong influences to Hokusai Katsushika (October 31, 1760 - May 10, 1849) who was a painter of UKIYOE (Japanese woodblock prints) who flourished in the Edo period. She also was fascinated highly with colorful monograph features works of Paul Klee, an artist who never ceased his quest for new subjects and sources of inspiration.Later, Haruko’s talent was founded by a local newspaper then received many orders for illustration work.

   However, it was difficult for her to continue due to her wounded body. Still, she cannot stop herself from drawing pictures with the strong desire of wanting to create. At age 33, her body and health was really at its peak so she decided to learn to change her body by changing her diet and eating more healthy. She also realized that life is made by natural oranic food and the balance of QOL, as well asto live and meet with people to create an real relationship. She looked back at her life and the story of her family, and was inspired to paint the motif.