HARU (illustrator)


English | Japanese

Born in Tokyo, Haru took a liking to drawing and reading from a young age.
There was always an invisible world around her, she realized that time of imagination and creation gives herself healing and courage.
And she is interested in an invisible world and human-to-human connection, drawing on it as a theme since 2013.
Primarily she is working with pen and ink, but has also challenged expression using acrylic paint.
A myriad of characters appear in her works: twin children, a princess who dwells at the bottom of a lake, a young traveler who loves the night, an elderly person who repairs the stars.
They’re all drawn as alter-egos who, just as we do, live the day-to- day and experience emotions like happiness, sadness and loneliness.
Through her art connect softly to deep portion of the heart to talk, she expresses the spirit that can feel that everyone is not alone.
If her work helps those who are tired of heart, she is very happy.
“We are alone, but we are not alone. We are not alone, but we are alone.
But even so, the invisible things will be with you, and they give the power to you.”
Haru hopes an invisible world you will be your light and star in your life.