hakuju metoki (Calligrapher)


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Hakuju Metoki was born in 1976 in Ninohe, Iwate prefecture. She started calligraphy at the age of 5. After graduating high school, she stopped doing calligraphy for a short period of time, and after college, she began to pursue a career in the anime and gaming industry. However, she resumed calligraphy as a hobby in her late twenties. The idea of wanting to share the charm and the fun of calligraphy with others grew stronger, and she began to work independently. Since 2016, she has been supervising the calligraphy studio shiratama.Based on classical literature, Metoki’s key feature in her work is a design style that awakens the finest of human emotion and sensation. From 2015 to 2017, she has held various exhibitions in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.She has also had many achievements in leadership with calligraphy salons, as well as many kinds of lectures, private institutions, and collaboration workshops with people from other industries, and has covered a lot of ground with her work, such as interior art, logo design, collaboration with television dramas, and many other activities.“Let us go on a journey of the heart with calligraphy, full of joy, wonder, and healing,” says her motto, which she applies both to her lessons, and to her artwork. She works vigorously to create a space that gives a sense of completeness and satisfaction to the heart.

Website http://www.metokihakuju.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/metokihakuju/
Twitter  https://twitter.com/metokihakuju