Blue dragon

Blue dragon.jpg
Blue dragon.jpg

Blue dragon


・Japanese paper ,cloth ,Ink
・Height: 38.1Inches
・Width: 13.1 Inches
Fusion Exhibition 【TEAM B】Participate Artist ,Live Performance artists
On view (Tue) July , 23rd ,2019 - (Sat) July , 27th,2019
Opening Party (Thur) July 25th 5pm-7:30pm
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From Japan
About This Artwork
It's being drawn in Japanese paper small by a brush using ink and vermilion. The pattern of the kakejiku image  a wave May your heart be free like a dragon swimming in the sky and the sea.

Art work by okko

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okko grew up freely in the Japanese countryside surrounded by the greenery of the mountains, and the sea.

She has loved to draw since she was a child, when she often forgot time and drew countless pictures of animals and flowers from her imagination.

Current activities include exhibitions and performances in various places.

・May, 2017 – A performance at Times Square in NY, USA

・December, 2017 – A wall painting and artwork exhibition in Takeo City Hall

・March, 2019 – A performance in Sebastopol, California, USA

Her paintings mainly use Japanese brush and ink, expressing motion and stillness on Japanese paper through light, shading and ink bleeding.

She hopes you can cleanse and refresh your mind, getting away from everyday life by looking at these pictures, and feeling the calmness or intenseness conveyed through traditional Japanese ink painting.

She has lost not only her dear father when she was child, but later, also her younger brother and her own child. Those experience greatly impacted in her life. Afterward, she always thinks about “life and death”,  and cherishes each personal encounter as a “once-in-a-lifetime meeting”.

Her unique worldview will continue being expressed not only through traditional Japanese ink painting, but using new drawing techniques as well. She wants to make things which touch people’s hearts throughout the ages and throughout the world. She will create works that can make you smile.

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