Three birds of a mirror tree


Three birds of a mirror tree


・Acryic plate
・Acrylic paint
・Spray paint
・Height: 22.24 Inches
・Width: 25.59 Inches
Ready to ship in 10–14 business days
From Japan
About This Artwork
It is a piece that I made a picture of the landscape I saw in my dream.

Art work by YOICHI-RON

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YOICHI-RON (Mixed Media)

Yoichi-Ron was affected by congenital color amblyopia as well as by his father who was a glass painter, launching fully into creating glass paintings through self-training he began from the time he was 20 years of age. He passed through an initial abstract expression phase, currently reaching a sublime style with stronger story aspects.

He uses a wide variety of paints to express a sense of color given his color amblyopia, sometimes expressing these using ukiyo-e painting, candy making, engraving and a wide array of methods.
Yoichi-Ron, in crafting his own picture frames, achieves in his works, which possess a sense of uniformity, frame and all, creates a perfect worldview with a singularity of presence.


Yoichi-Ron has forged a concept of surrendering the story of his works based on the theme of Animals, Nature, Humor and Merging East & West to the imagination of the viewer, which also provides the viewer a sense of comfort. The animals, etc. introduced in his works are an offshoot of the artist himself, creating a sense of variety in actions and personality in each, and a feeling in the viewer like Yoichi-Ron is their friend the more you look at his pieces.


Yoichi-Ron use glass, but he incorporates methods that are completely different from normal glass paintings. Firstly, he uses strong and easy to produce acrylic boards for the surface material. This allows him to create works in a variety of sizes, large and small.

His fabrication method differs from normal glass painting, using self-made specialized blades, and painting as if they are paper cutouts, which creates sharper lines and greater color differences than general glass paintings, resulting in an imperceptible degree of perfection in his glass paintings at first glance.

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