・wood , plastic
・Height: 19Inches
・Width: 13Inches
Fusion Exhibition 【TEAM B】Participate Artist
On view (Tue) July , 23rd ,2019 - (Sat) July , 27th,2019
Opening Party (Thur) July 25th 5pm-7:30pm
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From Japan
About This Artwork

Art work by Tomoko Shitozawa

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Tomoko Shitozawa


She was born in Kyoto in 1968. Since she was a little child, she loved to draw.

She aimed to pursue the path as an artist, but due to the opposition from her parents she went into preschool education instead. She has experience in the teachings of morality and the free expression of art with various techniques through her career as a nurturer.

After the resignation because of marriage, she learned techniques in tole painting with acrylic paints and rosin during child-rearing.

In 2011, she participated in Osaka Canvas Project and experienced modern art for the first time. She was surprised with this form of expression that wasn't cute or beautiful, and started to explore it on her own. In the fall 2016, she began making flower cakes with bean jam and buttercream.

She was surprised to see that food can be a part of art and that she could have the opportunity to learn it. She will continue to look for the ways of expression beyond fine arts or food.