【Size】23.9 Inch ×19.7Inch
【Edition】 ED-1

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From Japan
About This Artwork
I drew on the theme of fusion of figurative and abstract.
This work is a work drawn by live paint at a department store in Japan. I wanted to create a
colorful work so that the feeling of the person who saw it became bright.
Although the motif is flowers, the title is “Performance” because I want you to look freely.

Art work by Colorhythm Risa

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Born and raised in the Fukuoka prefecture of, Japan, Risa incorporates painting, and music. The more she was involved with painting, the more her passion grew, This path led her to becoming a Fine Arts teacher in Junior High School. However, being frustrated by conventional art education, Risa eventually, started to sail on her own because she wanted to feel, and share art with complete freedom. Since then, Risa decided to live her life as ColorhythmRisa, a Performance Artist. Using paint to throw feelings of joy, happiness, sadness, anger onto a canvas., Her work is strong, and vibrant with color. In 2016, Risa performed as part “hyperJapan” in London. Her 30-minute show grabbed audiences despite the language barrier. Risa thinks that her performance is the key to her art. Though she creates stories for her work before the performance, the improvisation during the show is an important part of the art itself. Risa’s work is best described as somewhere between necessity, and the coincidence. Audiences vary in how they feel, and react to her paintings. Risa is happiest when they discuss their various opinions about her work. Risa’s goal is to perform all over the world, and in doing so hopes to evolve art education in Japan.