(Tue) July , 16th,2019 - (Sat) July , 27th,2019

 Last Opening Party of the summer 2019 : July 25 5 pm – 7:30pm
LOCATION : Noho M55 Gallery http://www.nohogallery.net/

Live Art Performance by JCAT Artists  okko , Aviviya


Our “fusion” is a melding of old, and of new, and of things of such different natures,
as to create worlds that have never been seen before.

JCAt Director arisa Itami 

On View (Tue) July , 16th,2019 - (Sat) July , 27th,2019 12pm - 6pm

Participating Artists

【TEAM A】(Tue) July , 16th,2019 - (Sat) July , 20th,2019 Opening Party (Thur) July 18th 5pm-7:30pm

Midori McCabe / AKEN / R. ynt / Keiko Nogami / Kumi Hirose / NORIKO MIYAMOTO / Shunsai Yonemura / Kyoko Harano / TOSHIKI HAYASKA / ABCD I II III / NORIMASA / Miho Narod / Colorhythm Risa / mayura / Shigeru K / Koji Hanada / Tokiko / NAGI / Jupiter / Shin Takahashi / Nobuyo Sakakibara / Yui / Wakana Obara / Hideaki Miyata

【TEAM B】(Tue) July , 23rd ,2019 - (Sat) July , 27th,2019 Opening Party (Thur) July 25th 5pm-7:30pm


Keizan / Futureman / Yoshi / Kohana / Akatsuki / YUKO WADA / marie / Ai suzuki / Tomoko Horiguchi / Ai Hibino / SUKETOKU / okko /
TAD OYAMA / Emiko KOSONE / Shiho Suzuki / YOICHI-RON / 1109Kazu / Yudai Yabumoto. / aki / TOMOKO SHITOZAWA / feel.b.mico / sayson / Aviviya

Live Performance artists


Colorhythm Risa

Not only in Japan but also in the United States, Britain, Korea, and elsewhere overseas, Colorhythm Risa attracts audiences with her distinctive painting techniques that incorporate the movement of dance.

Her uses of vibrant colors bring power, and her movements that freely incorporate dances of various genres also give color to her performances, captivating and exciting audiences.

Colorhythm Risa uses her hands, sponges – sometimes her entire body – to apply color across the canvas from end-to-end. Her physical and facial expressions of various human emotions and feelings add further layers of depth to her performances.

Hers is a style that, through colors, movements, expressions, and the like, and always without using words, gives exciting performances that are deeply moving to people all over the world, regardless of age or sex, race or nationality. And by presenting an impressive experience of "showing the process of drawing," she all the more strongly delivers her messages to the viewer.

Through her works, Colorhythm Risa wants to connect people and societies, and to make art more accessible to the world while expanding its potential to be more fun and more familiar.



Okko will show her Japanese calligraphic performance at the opening party of the JCAT Fusion Exhibition. She has been performing at many places in Japan as well as at Times Square, NY in 2017.

She will draw mythical creatures with a Japanese calligraphic brush and ink on a special huge piece of paper called Nao Washi which is a traditional handmade craft paper made in her hometown Saga. She will demonstrate the variety of expressions of calligraphy such as the subtle blurry shades of ink, different thickness and darkness of brush strokes along with rhythmical Japanese instrumental music.

New York is the place where she dreamt to do her performance. She hopes all visitors from different backgrounds can enjoy the exhibition more through her special performance. 



Aviviya was born in Toyota City, located in Aichi Prefecture. She was raised in picturesque surroundings filled with mountains, rice fields and colorful plants and flowers. She has been active in painting, nail and body art, henna tattoos and a variety of artworks since 2009, based on the colorful nature she was raised in. Her works feature an interweaving of exoticism employing detailed, colorful floral patterns and organic curves typical of henna tattoos, as well as faint, colorful color combinations.

Aviviya actively participates in live painting, as well as face and body painting performances, and has conducted her own solo exhibits in 2016 and 2017 at the Ouchi Gallery, JCATs predecessor, in New York City.

She wants to enliven people’s spirits by focusing on color expressions that are both exciting and exhilarating, while transforming colorful, rich nature as well as familiar things into art.