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Fancy-Cuten  (Painter)


English | Japanese

She still remembers when she opened her eyes for the very first time. As they gradually opened, an incredibly brilliant color shone in. It was just a Japanese-style room,
an ordinary scenery, but she was amazed by light brown ceiling, beige pillars, white walls, and she was deeply impressed by the colors.
She was especially surprised by the vividness of red and orange. She delighted in the Color World. At that time, her grandmother kindly looked at her and said,

 “What do your eyes see, baby?”

 She also smiled happily.
Her grandmother was granddaughter of a famous Japanese painter Gaho Hashimoto.  That’s why art was familiar to her. Her grandfather, who died before she was born, is of a Shinto priest lineage.
Because of that, she can see the things that are invisible to others. Ghosts, fairies, angels, and more...She can also see the bad parts of a person's body and energy.  They are only visible to her but she could share it with others by painting. She feels that art is not what one draws but what one can share with the world. The world she saw for the first time in her life was beautiful. Rather than looking for beautiful things, everything is already beautiful. She plays with colors to remember that.

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