Emiko KOSONE  (Mixed media)


English | Japanese

 Emiko Kosone has stated that her greatest enemy was her past self. The seed for her becoming an artist was certainly planted when she was only 4 years old. She thinks most children have such dreams. She wants to work to overcome her former self. Emiko is yet inspired by the little girl inside of her. Her profile picture is significant in this way.

Her work begins after locating her painting materials. The chaos within Emiko is played out through a humorous dissonance from the things we are saturated with and dispose of repeatedly in our lives towards the triumph of things which bring an era or role to an end.

It may be these are linked to the dissonance of a gallery. It may also be that she is in a gallery where surprise and discomfort emerge. Emiko wonders whether people will forgive her for getting a little laugh out of it all.

The fact people who never knew at all about her until yesterday simply focusing on her art is both a mystery and source of excitement for her.