DENPA (Painter)


English | Japanese

Born in 1983 in Okinawa Japan. Painter/Artist. He paints abstract cityscapes that represent people’s emotions and patterns of their lives.

The artworks are made by acrylic painting, collage, picture books and the other ways. So his artworks look like made by different artists but there are sustained messages and philosophies like “how we live our own life” on the backside of each artworks. He is also working towards spreading the joy of art for life with organizing some art events, group exhibitions, and he is also an exective manager of Stock Room Gallery that is producing clothing and other stuff, managing the gallery wall under the concept of street art.

He joined a group exhibition at Ouchi Gallery(Brooklyn,NY) in 2014, and had a solo exhibition at the same gallery in 2016. He is starting his art career internationally.