Chizu  (Painter)


English | Japanese

 In the springtime of 2015, Chizu saw a pointillism mandala. She was fascinated by its beauty, and began drawing art by self-study.
She also started working as a writer in 2016.

There was also the influence of her father who was drawing pictures as a hobby so she liked drawing pictures since her childhood.
She also had an interest in music too. As her interest in music grew bigger,  she started to do music activities.

While doing music activities, she began to be interested in frequency (vibration).
Knowing that there are vibrations in color too, she encounter the pointillism mandala while studying colors.

- Drawing a mandala is to face myself -

There are lots of awareness in drawing mandalas.
They made her heart very gentle, and strong.

"There is no correct answer. There is no mistake either. I am just myself. "
Her way of expression changed from music to mandala, but she always values to be herself.
And she said,

"Every point of stippling is the light.

Each point is small but it spreads from one point drawn first to many points
Mandala shines greatly.

So that everyone notices the light they have in theirs and reminds me of being able to shine,
I draw a mandala with such a wish"