Chiseong (illustrator)


English | Japanese

Chiseong was born in 1993. She is a Korean national living in Kyoto, Japan. She is currently studying a course in illustration at Seian University of Art and Design. She finds great appeal the unique transience and beauty of young boys. The main motif in her art is depicting “boys”. The movie “Stand by Me”, which describes boys overcoming many difficulties that stand in their paths, inspired in her the passion to draw representations of boys. Although Chiseong was fixated on facial and other visible expression, she realized that a back shot has a “facial” expression as well. (though the face cannot be seen) She imagines things that cannot be seen from visible information. Chiseong is interested these days in how to show what boys think and feel by drawing them from the back. She contemplates how these boys will reveal themselves in her artwork.

webiste https://cccat97.jimdo.com/
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