Azami Chiaki (illustrator)


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Chiaki Azami was born in a small town in Chiba Prefecture that was filled with nature, where rice paddies, fields, and rivers spread across the land. She grew up with the grace of the earth. While her parents engaged in agriculture of carrots and watermelons, as a child she would catch beetles, cicadas, crayfish, climb trees with friends of neighbors, and had grown deeply in love with nature and people. She naturally experienced the foundation of life.

When she was a child, she saw the words of artist Okamoto Taro, "Art is Explosion," on TV commercials. For her, someone grew up in a nature-rich and calm countryside, these words were very shocking. When she reached adulthood, she failed at work and and became disheartened, she went to his studio. Just standing in the studio made her feel unbelievable. She felt as if she had been given a strong, encouraging pep talk. Before she knew it, her tears were overflowing and it came to her, she wanted to be herself.

When she was out of work and unemployed, she would draw connecting lines in a notepad, which was the impetus for her to begin an art career. She draws a line with the feeling of being alive. From the state of no image at all, it is a way to run the pen as it is in her all mind and draw shapes as you can see the shape. From one by one line lives instantaneously. Lines are connected, various forms are born. From One by one shape, a new life is born. Various creatures with emotion and pleasure. Creatures fly freely. she hope people who touch their work to be energetic with a smile.

she is proud that being alive is an artist. Depending on the relationship between you and that person, you may feel uncomfortable feelings such as sadness, hatred, anger when you are alive. You want to throw away everything, even in such darkness she want to tell you that there is always light. Like an infinite star shining in the night sky.

Permanent exhibition of line drawings and cut-out pictures at guest house in Naoshima in Kagawa prefecture where the first international art festival "Setouchi International Art Festival" held in 2010. After 2015, we hold solo exhibitions at group exhibitions at domestic galleries, ART SPACE BAR, imported grocery store, cafe, beauty salon. she participate in handmade square in various places in Tokyo.

"Coloring working shop" was held in 2017. This is after thinking about what kind of world is born in her painting and its collaboration. You can freely share your time by drawing the colors you want. Facial expression changed with the color selected by the same line drawing, and only one work was born in the world. After this exhibition in New York, she would like to express this workshop abroad, believe in the power of art across borders and people, maintain curiosity and express herself