Ayako Okada (Craft Artist)


English | Japanese

Ayako Okada, was born in Tochigi, Japan. She loved to play with animals, draw pictures, and make handiworks when she was a small child. This influence was from her grandfather, as he loved plants and animals and manufacturing in nature. As for her, time with him was in admiration. Spending time together with him were one of the happiest memories when she was a child. But, as she grew up she gradually forgot to play with animals, to draw pictures, and to make handicrafts that she loved in her childhood. She lost sight of herself, and her mind and body were exhausted at the age of 25. She took time off for 3 years and she cried a lot while evaluating herself. She remembered when she was small that was the time she was an enthusiast and live life to the fullest. She says “I am fairy.” bcause a fairy loves flowers, plants, animals, and plays happily. Fairies dwell in works of art which are made by Ayako, who is also a fairy. It’s really a fairy tale. Now she recalled living her life enjoying her own fairy tale. Her works always involves flowers, plants and animals. They talk happily and play peacefully with many friends. That was the fairy tale world she experienced when she was child. She says that she wants to make people happy through her fairy tale. The trip of her fairy tale began.