Ayako Bando (Painter)


English | Japanese

Born and raised in the country,in the town of Tokushima in japan. She was blessed to be surrounded by the beauty of nature with it's mountains, rivers, trees and flowers. It was only after high school, when she moved to Osaka to study as a medical coding specialist and after working at a hospital for 4 years, she left to study art in Osaka, London, Tokyo and New York. After a certain time, nature has played a very big part in her desire to paint, the sky, the trees, the earth and elements of this sort. There's much good energy to absorb into ones body, delivered by the earth and it's natural wonders, such as the play of sunlight, in its powerful gentle sky and the dancing leaves. In her case, very often it is the little things in life, we see everyday but take for granted, that trigger her imagination to paint. Recently, she has been working for the “Towanohikari” series. “Towanohikari “ means “Eternal light” in Japanese. She was interested in invisible world since she was a little. To her spiritual mind, invisible world intertwines people and nature with the same common forces of life. We are all connected by our origins, for we are all born pure and innocent into this world. as this is true,nature also follows these same rules. The light is mysterious The light is all. She therefore embraces the light that illuminates our hearts and brings purity. Old country in "Awa", Tokushima, located referred to as the archetype of the country of Japan where she was born. However, it seems to be sealed on this thing. "Awa" used to mean the sun in old days.  Awa, Tokushima was the Sun country. When she knew about it, she realized the stronger connection between Towanohikari series and her. Her motto is "for I am a cloud moving across the sky and a river running through the land".and so are you.