ayaka yasukouchi (Painter)


English | Japanese

Ayaka Yasukouchi was born in Fukuoka-city Japan, 1990. During her childhood, she suffered from selective mutism in school, and it was natural to talk to herself instead of communicating with people. That formative experience caused her to focus on and have an interest in inner sensitivity.Her turning point of starting to create was staying in the Philippines after graduating from college. She has worked at a Non-Governmental Organization in the Philippines and was attracted to various of colors she experienced in nature and daily life, which differ from Japan.She started creating in Spring 2014 and express fresh sensations and colors that appear in daily life by using a brush, as well as her hand. Touching canvas directly means that feeling and expression become one. Even in a busy society where information travels quickly, we can always take control over our lives by coming back to our sense of self. Yasukouchi’s work is made to ask people to look into their inner sensitivities. To her, creating is like living itself, as well as connecting her own feelings that have been lost in childhood with others..

Website    http://ayakart.website/