AYAKA  (Painter)


English | Japanese

AYAKA Born in Tokyo in 1993, Currently lives in Tokyo.
When AYAKA was 24 years old, she went to Great Nature Camigin Island in the Philippines and interacted with local artists and worked on CAFE's wall paint and art painting for tourist cars. After returning home, she started painting as a "inspiration artist" who draws art of  energy at nature .
she also held a solo exhibition collaborating with organic restaurants and organic herbs SHOP.
Currently she visit sanctuaries all over the world and draw pictures devoting prayers to the land from the spirit of "animism".
Draws nature, the universe, the beauty of life etc as it is feeling, and specializes in vivid and dynamic expression style.

website https://artrip.thebase.in/
Instagram https://insta-stalker.com/profile/ayaka_art/