Atsuhiro Kato  (Painter)


English | Japanese

He was studying architecture at the university, he felt that drawing lessons were fun, and he entered a vocational school of design after graduating from college. After graduating from a vocational school he worked as a graphic designer, but he really wanted to draw a picture and started drawing illustrations.He used illustrations of comical figures using pens and copic markers but he was encouraged to exhibit at exhibition of paintings by acquiring acquaintance with the painter's teacher and will challenge acrylic painting in earnest. His style at the beginning was a style that depicts animals like real, but he tried to make the people fun and interesting by his collections and he thought what is that he felt he also wants having fun during drawing by himself. And then, finally he realized that he wants to draw the originality things and he needs the theme. Based on his interest in exhibiting abroad, he was particularly influenced by Ukiyoe's Utagawa Kuniyoshi, he thought to draw this with modern sensibility and acrylic painting, he I think to aim at people's own paintings. He currently incorporates western oil painting techniques while taking on the theme of ancient Japanese pecters and gods, he keeps challenging mainly abroad.