ASATO  (Mixed Media)


English | Japanese

Asato Kitamura was born in 1996 who based in New York.

His journey in the spirit world hidden within itself. It is strange depressed, and it is a mysterious world where there are multiple oneself. His work is born by dragging the intense sensation born from the gap between the spiritual world and the real world to the real world. I came across two things and gave a big influence. The first one is fashion. He was strongly influenced by the art that human beings and art works were born together, merely as a result of human beings wearing the work completed. The second is surrealism. He stabbed him in his heart that the size of vision and thought, and "hallucinations of illusions and illusion are all part of reality".

The prize he is acquiring.

2011- Book Picture Contest: Best Prize 2015-Shinjuku Fashion Contest:Encouragement Prize 2016-Nagoya Fashion Contest : Gold Prize/Textile Design Contest : Grand Prix/JFW Japan Creation:winning prize/Fukui fashion contest : winning prize

Original fashion contest: winning prize/Sabae: Encouragement Prize
Tokyo Newcomer Designer Fashion Grand Prize: Encouragement Prize
MICHIKO KOSHINO former internship in London 2017 INTRECCIN CANTIERE: Grand Prix
In charge of costume of the collection modeled on disabled people
Hamamatsu Fashion Competition: Excellence Award
Excellence Student Awards Grand Prize at Culture and Arts Department
He graduated from Tokyo Mode Gakuen in 2018 and earned a bachelor's degree title.