Akko  (Craft Artist)


English | Japanese

Akko expresses her thoughts and feelings through pasting together multicolored masking tape. She developed an interest in color in her youth when her mother picked out her clothing. Akko was surrounded by a world of nature in Hokkaido where she was born and raised, which led her to feel that nothing could overcome its beauty. She took on teaching work and spent each day in close contact with music along with her students. She also had the chance to experience art.  She encountered both music and art which led to a balance in her spirit, leading her to consider how to feel movement and silence. Akko sees herself through children in school and other such venues. She enjoyed collecting masking tape from around 10 years ago. She thought about how to create form out of reminiscing about important people in her life and her own inspired feelings, resulting in her launching into masking tape art from around 2 years ago. Her changes in color balance when she pasted masking tape was minimalistic in style, leading her to consider how this is similar to the feelings in the human heart. Akko states that masking tape art equals self expression. Akko now spends her days creating artworks which has become part of her life. She continues to create masking tape art as words alone are insufficient for expression, seeking to leave behind her emotion in a creative art form.  She has been requested to create works from masking tape companies, sell her works and was invited to be part of a group exhibit sponsored by a major art gallery, all occurring in 2017. She titled her first artworks “Paramount Sparkle” and “Autumn Leaves at Night”.

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/coconutsfish/
FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/akiko.kawatsu