Aki|- an  (Painter)


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I was born in Osaka.

I graduated from the design special course of Kodansha Publishers Famous School.

I studied fine arts education as a graduate at Osaka Kyoiku University.

I developed a modeling classroom at a kinder garden in 1997 and joined a fine art therapist course for children at the Child Mind and Body Medical Research Center.

I have also developed education materials for fine art skills and techniques.

It is a natural act to draw candid portraits for people, while they chat or sing songs.

Many people remember when they started to develop their talent for drawing or making scribblings.

My paintings are acrylic fiber and tend to be abstract. Many of my works are in a sense simple but having a lot of techniques of mixed media: watercolors, magic marker, and pens.

I love Picasso' painting, especially his Cubist works, so my works may be influenced by them.

For me, the snow-white space is the starting point for drawing out my inner child.

 I use watercolors and magic markers to create my mixed media paintings.

Everyone is dancing together: chickens, snakes, other animals, and of course people, all while carrying musical instruments, like drums.

You can almost hear tropical music coming out of the mixed media painting.

It is my wish that Japan can be a peaceful and happy country forever.

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