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Author of therapeutic picture book /Illustrator/ Artwork therapist in Japan/
Child therapist /Jewelry designer
Mission of Akatsuki is to awaken people through the Artworkshops.

Akatsuki was born in Vancouver, Canada, and grew up in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.
from her earliest childhood She has a wandering nature so have been missing many times in Canada. She was a curious girl, so the score of the piano and the wall were graffiti books for her.

Surrounded by souvenirs of Malaysian scorpion, Arab vase, Inuit 's stone statue etc, which her father brought to home from overseas business trips、She was fascinated by the culture of the world. She came to love traveling exploring culture. In Finland, She took a lesson of a dwarf Tontoo serving Santa and got a Tontou dwarf qualification. Also she was attracted by New York's multi-cultural style, and in 2008 She studied abroad for a short time. In 2015 and 2016 She held art workshop at J-LABO Brooklyn.
When a passionate girl with abundant expressions transferred in elementary school third grader, she was bullied at school by friends and learned cooperation. Loneliness, anger, sadness began to be expressed with pictures, in contrast to the cheerfulness behavior, the color shade projected on the picture was dark. During the art university, beautiful Japanese painting materials and a calm production process healed her, painting expression became calmer.

After graduation,She was attracted by the power of the stone and became a jewelry designer. After becoming a company designer, became a freelance designer, and expanded the range of creation such as artist costumes and movie accessories.

She got the long-awaited baby. however She suffered from their daily life with here naughty child. At that time, She met art therapy and communication with her son became dramatically smooth by art therapy. And She realized that the picture She draw was art therapy to heal herself.
She want to deliver this wonderful wisdom to those who suffer like her, That's why She regard the art therapy workshop as life work. In the workshop, she is moved when participants access subconscious mind, or non-verbal exchanges between participants.
She wishes her artwork to open the door to the viewer's mind.

Published Art therapy picturebook "Flying Seed Over The Seed"

In 2016, she held an art workshop in Brooklyn, New York, which used "Flying seed over the sea". The artwork drawn after the art therapy session will reflect the mind and lead to a deep discussion.
In 2018, she was invited as a workshop presenter to the Sharjah International Book Fair in the United Arab Emirates, where 2.23 million people attended, and held a "Flying seed over the sea" workshop. She was impressed by how children with different political and religious backgrounds, such as the UAE, Syria, Levanon, Pakistan, India, Algeria, etc., enjoy art together with a smiling.
Graduated from Tama art University
Degree : Japanese painting
2008 Summer session in FIT , NYC.
Certificate : Jewelry design, Water colour illustration
2010 Heart step college
Certificate : Child therapy , Gestalt therapy
Quest Art Therapy & Training Analysis
Certificate :Art work Therapist
Currently underway of Clinical Art Therapy study at JIPATT
          Japan International Program of Art Therapy in Tokyo
          Alliance partner
           CiiAT(Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy)
Worked as a Jewelry Designer
・ Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry Tokyo
Jewelry Design Lecturer
・New York Diary Jewelry produced by Norika Fujiwara
Jewelry Design
・The Tour of MISIA 2004 MARS and ROSES
Made costume jewelry
・『Shinobi』Japanese movie
Made costume jewelry for main movie character
・The Japan Foundation
Illustrated cover illustration for journal for Japanese teacher
Exhibited at Swarovsky 2007s/s exhibition
Created original jewelry using new cut and colour crystal
・Art therapy Workshop for children at Kodomo no Shiro in Tokyo
Invited participant Sharjah Children’s Book Fair in Sharjah, UAE
・Art therapy workshop for Social Art Fiesta at Kawasaki City Museum in Japan
・Oki Art Trial Book Fair in Shimane Prefecture in Japan
 ・Art therapy workshop for Social Art Fiesta at Kawasaki City Museum in Japan
Exhibited at Bologna Children’s Book Fair , Italy
Published "Flying Seed Over The Seed"
Workshopat company in Credit Saison Co.、Ltd.;
『The Flying Seed Over The Sea』
Workshop in New York 『The Flying Seed Over The Sea〜 Journey to unknown〜』
「海を飛ぶたねワークショップ」 New York J-LABO Brooklyn
Workshopat Disaster area support in MIYAGI
『The Flying Seed Over The Sea』
Exhibited atSharjah Children’s Book Fair in Sharjah, UAE


Invited as a workshop presenter to  Sharjah international Book Fair in Sharjah, UAE