Ai Hibino (Mixed Media)


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Ai Hibino was born in August, 1993 in Gifu Prefecture. Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences Department of Visual Media(Aichi) 4th grade. She is studying the Omotesenke Chado and Orthodox Law Flower Arrangement under her grandmother Souyu Hibino from the childhood. When she studied abroad for studied English to United States for a year at 17 years old, she determine to receive a stimulus in the height of the level of the music and the art and advance towards the musical way. She formed a rock band after returning home, but It dismisses from the difference in the mutual opinions. After that I go to a university and learned movie, picture, graphic design, installation, and sound. A sound spatial work using 5ch is released in "Tokoname field trip" in 2014. And Audio Engineering and music edit is performed in a fashion show "NUAS Collection" by a department of fashion in the same university, 2014. Stereophonic spatial work <Geometric Confusion> using 16ch is released in a "Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences Department of Visual Media, production exhibition" common name Zemiten show in 2015. She specializes in sound art and I'm studying" possibility of the fusion of Japanese culture and sound art using multichannel and the expression" in a theme andproducing. She would like to express beauty of the heart with which the person inherited continuously in the Japanese entertained and Wabi and Sabi from the angle of the sound. A study is being advanced from the thought that she would like to repaint the fixed idea to say when she say Japanese culture.