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Born in Okazaki city, Aichi Prefecture, Kazu came across Japanese design calligraphy in the winter of 2007. Always being fond of drawing and putting ideas into shape, he was intrigued by the freedom of expression found in design Japanese calligraphy, rather than the practice of tracing teachers’ handwriting in classical calligraphy. Working as a freelance Japanese calligrapher, Kazu puts emphasis on "space, inspiration, and balance”. While holding “calming the mind” close at heart, he expresses the image of Japanese characters on paper. His make-to-order postcards, "You" "Beauty" "Love" "Starry Heavens" were donated at the 2011 Charity Event.
Website established in 2015.

Website  http://www.1109.co.jp
Instagram  1109kazu9011
Twitter  @1109kazu9011