Yuri Sakai (illustrator)


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Yuri Sakai is from Aichi Prefecture Japan. She has liked painting since her childhood.

She went on to high school the fine arts department, and she began to study art. However, she realized that the world of the fine arts was a little different with her thoughts. For this reason, she decided to go on to the University of design. She was in love with a man at the time of the third year of high school. But she had not shown her art works to him. It is at the starting point. She determined that she joins in the world of art, and releases her works there. After graduated from high school, she went on to the University of design that she planned. One day, she visited the exhibition of Jim Dine by chance. It aroused her interest in lithograph. She has begun to go to the atelier of print in her University. She fascinated with lithograph because the color of ink is beautiful. Most of the motif of her work is males. Males are her interests for because the gender is different from her, so she doesn’t have jealousy for their beauty. She easily admits the beauty even it is what she doesn’t have. She puts her desire and negative emotions on males in her work. As that way, she releases herself from femininity that binds her thoughts.




2016. Methodology of Printmaking 50×50=75(Nagoya University of Arts  Art&Design Center)

         The 10th UNIVERSITIES PORTOFOLIO EXHIBITION (Seian University of Arts and Design)

         The 43rd Nagoya University of Arts Graduation Exhibition (Nagoya citizen's gallery Yada)


2015. The 40th Annual Exhibition of the Japan Society of Printmaking(Machida city museum of graphic arts)

         Solo exhibition Fury Summer(gallery AYA)

         peace nine2015 (Nagoya University of Arts Gallery BE)


2014. D×PRINTS 2014 Exchange Exhibition of Printmaking (Nagoya Zokei  University of Art & Design D-1.D-2 Gallery )

        "No Reason: Have Result" Small Printing/KMTL×NUA(Nagoya University of Arts Gallery BE)

         K-109(Nagoya citizen's gallery Yada)