Yuji Mizushima (Painter)


English | Japanese

Yuji Mizushima draws pictures about life and the people who live it. He believes that dichotomies like fortune and misfortune, past and present, and man and woman are just pairs that constitute a whole. Yuji was born in a rural part of Hyogo Prefecture in 1978. As he grew, he started to think deeply about his personal identity. He turned to art as a way of satisfying a nagging feeling that he was incomplete. But a person’s identity cannot be completed without the help of others. Satisfaction only comes when another person sees what you have created and enjoys it. To Yuji, art was an imperative, and he came to crave recognition as an artist. After graduating from art school, Yuji went to Tokyo to pursue his dreams. He soon found himself up against the frustrations of reality, encountered many forms of human kindness, and saw his dreams cut short. This variety of experiences began to surface in his work. Gradually he began to exhibit his creations and to witness others enjoy his work. It thrilled him to feel like he had finally started to become himself. At first glance Yuji’s work could be positive, or could be negative. His art, like the life of every individual, is shaped by variety of experiences. To this day he still ponders his identity. His ambition is to connect with others through personal expression. To live independently. To be unshackled. To Yuji, art is a step toward living life on your own terms. Will he ever see the day when his identity is complete?