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Born and raised in Tokyo, youmask was a child brimming with curiosity and boundless enthusiasm. He was particularly passionate about creating things through drawing and handicrafts to the extent that he would sometimes concentrate so hard he ended up stabbing his own hands with the scissors. He was happy when a 3­D alligator he made inside an empty bottle at age 8 and a picture of a fire engine with an impact that burst out of the scene received praise at contests, and that prompted him to choose this path. It was in a high school class that youmask first encountered digital art. Interested in this world where colors could be manipulated like magic, he entered a media arts university, and after graduating, he continues to create his own works of digital art while employeed as an illustrator and designer for a company. His works are colorful and rich with ideas, and he continues to create works nearly every day, with the number of works climbing into the thousands. The cornerstone of his enormous imagination is the countless number of entertainment works that surrounded him in his childhood, from movies to animation, games, and more. These works are like a door to an unknown world and a glittering treasure house of novelty. He was fascinated by the carefully crafted individual characters full of personality that appeared in works such as the Star Wars SF films, Disney’s Toy Story, as well as Pokemon and Tamagotchi, which were booming in his childhood. youmask combines these characters with the living things, foods, and people around him to create unique creatures. The colorfulness of his works comes from a desire to express the beauty of diversity. The works of youmask continue to evolve with every passing day, and they are full of limitless potential. He is sure to never bore you.