Yasmin (Craft Artist)


English | Japanese

Yasmin is a belly dance instructor, and has been active as a henna artist since 2012. Henna Art has been handed down in areas such as the Middle East and North Africa since ancient times as the body art of purification. She admires this beautiful tradition, and wants to express it not only in a form of the body art. Therefore she started to paint henna art on candles. Yasmin studied making candles under Japanese candle artist, maSmi, who is a director of Nonprofit Organization Candle Artists Association (Her candles are only available in the gallery of France), and became a certified candle artist in Oct. 2014. She believes that handmade candles can bring out the charm of henna art, rather than candles of mass- production. That’s why she makes candles by herself. Yasmin draws henna art on the top surface and the side of the handmade candles. In the top and side, implications of henna art is different. Side motif is ornamental, and top surface motif is viewed in the mind. When you light the candle, the wax begins to melt, henna art motif drawn on the top surface will continue to sink slowly into it. Henna art is illuminated by the flame, shining in the clear wax. This fills with tranquility the heart of the viewer. This moment is truly luxurious time between you and the candle.