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Tsukamaiko as "Ink Picture Book Writer" was born in Tokyo and grew up surrounded by a lot of paintings and books from early age, under the mother as an extensive reader and art dealer and the farther as an architect. Since a child, she liked and read picture books and children's books well.Also she sometimes created those books by herself. Her mother took such a child to a "children theater". There, she immersed in a story and yearned to become a character of the story. During a student of Waseda University she happened to be nominated to a stage performer, which opened up for her to aspire an actress. After graduation, she appeared in various stages and image products. Meanwhile gradually, she thought "I want to express my feelings in my mind.” in more own way, rather than acting in accordance with other people’s instruction in a story Her mother passed away in the period, which gave a great influence on her spirit. In the autumn of 2014, when she had been away from acting in the opportunity to get married, suddenly she was inspired and though "I want to make a picture book." Then immediately, she entered into a school to learn a picture book making for a year. Right after the decision, her pregnancy was discovered. By the event, she took heart and found that “my deceased mother and child never actually meet each other, but the feelings and the living testimony is inherited with the baton of life." She committed herself to express it in her picture book. This is the background of debut book "Nemurineko", “The Sleeping Cat” in English. To represent the thoughts, she focused on to draw a soft gradation in deep shade of ink and expressed it in rhythmic and simple words so as for children to read easily. After the completion, she made a video to read the picture book to her son by herself, and released it in an open web site. The video brought her various opportunities. One of them was the exhibition in Tokyo Omotesando in May 2016, " Good Art Village, ~the Power of Art~", where her book was exhibited together with artists renowned globally. At present, she has preserved three new stories at hand, including complete but non-released, in progress, etc.